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Rocket League: Soccer with a Twist

Rudolfo Alvarez, Culture Corner Reporter/ Tech Team

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Soccer seems fun, right? But what if we played soccer with RC cars instead? Well, that’s Rocket League. The idea seems ridiculous – and trust me, it is ridiculous – but the concept pays off so well.


So here are the basics: Rocket League is a fun and competitive soccer game developed and published by Psyonix for the PS4, Xbox One, and also PC. The objective of the game is to launch giant soccer balls into goals using vehicular toys. The key to winning the game is working with your teammates, although this doesn’t always end up working out.


Let’s get into specifics: the graphics, the controls, and other aspects that affect the way the game is played. The graphics are surprisingly perfect for Rocket League. The futuristic aesthetic of the environment and the vibrant array of colors painted onto the screen fit in so well with the extremely competitive (and extremely goofy) atmosphere. Even the electronic music gets your heart pumping and excited for the next match to come.


Now the mechanics and controls of Rocket League work very smoothly and it’s easy to understand; still, it takes time to master. It took several games myself to even make my first goal. Keep in mind, I was only playing against A.I. However, once I got my momentum going, I was finally able to play online multiplayer, which is the center of entertainment in Rocket League.


The multiplayer brings out the essence of competition. This is the only reason why the game is played by thousands of gamers. The constant communication with your teammates, the fast-paced action of driving an RC car, and the occasional trash-talking makes the experience of playing Rocket League memorable and keeping you coming back for more.


Rocket League is one of the best experiences I have had with multiplayer games, but let’s find out what the students of Rodriguez think about it. I’ve asked Kieran Feehan (12) and Jordan Mathis (12) their opinions, and, while they did enjoy the game, they had differing opinions. Mathis summed up the game with a sentence, “Stop fighting me over the ball, we’re on the same team.” Playing the game can become frustrating for Mathis, especially since teamwork can get in the way, but as Feehan puts it, “That’s part of the fun.” The arguing and yelling with your friends is part of the Rocket League’s charming experience and creates a unique memory.


Overall, I give Rocket League a 9/10 since it is one of the best multiplayer sports games I have ever played. Despite the repetition, playing with your friends and constantly yelling at them will bring hours upon hours of entertainment.


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Rocket League: Soccer with a Twist