Another School Shooting?

Helen H. Richardson

Joy Moore, U.S./World News and Politics Editor

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   On Tuesday May 7, 2019, a school shooting happened in Denver, Colorado at a charter school. Shots rang out at around 2 p.m. while students were in class. Eight people were injured and one student lost his life, his name was Kendrick Ray- Castillo.

   Kendrick Ray- Castillo was an eighteen year old boy who thought going to school on Tuesday was just going to be a regular day. Little did he know, that he was going to be murdered by the hands of a school shooter. Kendrick was more than someone who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was a hero. He lunged forward towards the shooter to stop them, and was fatally shot. If not for him risking his life, many more people could have been killed. Kendrick will always be remembered in the hearts of all the students who were on campus that day, because it is for him they are able to go home and survive another day.


   The suspects Devon Erickson (18) and Alec McKinney (16), could be charged on Friday. They made their first court appearance, May 9. No one has been charged yet. They are expected to receive first- degree murder and attempted murder charges. Erickson took the handguns used in the school shooting from his parents, which were both purchased legally. There is still question if Alec who is sixteen years old, would be tried as an adult or not. Many believe that he should be tried as an adult due to the fact that he committed a crime so big, that injured eight and killed one.