Spike Lee Is More Than Deserving

Joy Moore, U.S./World News and Politics Editor

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   February 24th was the day of the Oscar’s 91st Airing of Academy Awards, which took place in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theatre. Many directors, producers, artists, and actors won awards at the ceremony. Of all those that had won an award, one of the most deserving of their award had to be Spike Lee. Spike Lee, is an American Film Director, who is most famous for directing “Do the Right Thing”, “Love and Basketball”, “He Got Game”, “The Best Man” and many more. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia then moved to Brooklyn, New York amidst the civil rights movement going on down south. His first film was “She’s Gotta Have It”, which was shot with a budget of $175,000 in 2 weeks. The film was very successful in theaters bringing in 7.1 Million dollars. Spike Lee is best known for directing movies that deal with many controversial topics, such as race.

   This was Spike Lee’s first ever Academy Award, and he’s been making movies since the mid 80’s. When the award was given to him, Spike Lee jumped in excitement because he too knew that he deserved that award a long time ago. To finally get the recognition you’ve been longing for means the world.

   In his acceptance speech, just like his movies, he brings up many controversial issues. He brings up the point that 400 years ago, our ancestors were stolen from the Motherland also known as Africa, and brought to the New World to work as slaves. He encourages people to be on the right side of history, and to learn the truth of history, due to the Presidential election coming up in 2020. Trump did not take kindly to this statement on the upcoming president elections, so he did what he always does: he went to twitter.

   The day following the Oscars, Trump took to Twitter early in the morning to address the Oscars, in particular Spike Lee’s acceptance speech. Trump took Lee’s comment as a threat, “Be nice if Spike Lee could read his notes, or better yet not have to use notes at all, when doing a racist hit on your President”, he went on to say “… who has done more for African- Americans (Criminal Justice Reform, Lowest Unemployment numbers in History, Tax Cuts etc.) than any almost any other President”. Although Trump’s comment was unnecessary, it just goes to show how some things Trump says should just be left to himself.

   Spike Lee responded back to Trump’s comment, saying that it was his way of trying to reframe the actual situation at hand. Spike Lee’s unfazed attitude to Trump’s unnecessary comment, exemplifies why he deserves his Academy Award. Spike Lee being a successful African-American director in this country, gives hope to those who feel like they face social injustice and barriers that this country had put against them. Spike Lee deserves everything he has earned. and much more. This Academy Award is something that no one can ever take away from him, not even a racist talkative president.