College Admissions Scandal

Joy Moore, U.S./World News and Politics Editor

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   There has been much talk in the media regarding stars such as Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman; they paid a lot of money for their children to get into highly renowned schools, such as University of Southern California. Another name in the media includes William Singer, who is considered the man behind the $25 Million college bribery scam. William Singer pleaded guilty to federal charges, which include money laundering conspiracy, racketeering conspiracy, and obstruction of justice. Singer was released on a $500,000 security bond, and is only allowed to stay within the limits of certain areas.

   Around 50 people have been charged in this case. Claims have been made that parents would pay Singer, who would then pay college administrators and athletic coaches to recruit non-athletes, as well as ACT/ SAT administrators to change their answers so they would receive high scores on their exams. Singer was an owner of a college counseling service named Key Worldwide Foundation, and Edge College & Career Network. Singer worked with a guy named Mark Riddell, who was paid $10,000 by Singer for each student’s answers to be changed.  

   Schools such as Yale, USC, University of San Diego, University of Texas at Austin, Stanford, Georgetown University, and Wake Forest University are being sued by two Stanford students who feel that their applications were overlooked due to bribery. The two students stated that their degrees have been devalued due to the scam. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in San Francisco’s federal court. Many of the schools involved are trying to distance themselves from the athletic sport coaches involved. Yale for example feels as if “the indictment makes clear, the Department of Justice believes that Yale has been the victim of a crime perpetrated by its former women’s soccer coach,” Yale spokesman Tom Conroy said.

   I got a chance to catch up with Rodriguez’s own Jayla Pitts- Glasco who was willing to share her viewpoints on the recent college scandal. Jayla expressed how it makes her feel, “It makes me feel disappointed but not surprised, rich people always find a way to cheat the system and it really just emphasizes the power money holds over our lives. Qualified people were denied, to give spots to people who didn’t deserve to be there and that should never happen in America. This country was supposed to be built on hard work and dedication and this scandal completely contradicts these values.” She further went on to say that money is not the root of evil, but the evil lies in the hands of those who decide to use their money for negative things.

   The question that leaves everyone guessing is what will happen to those kids whose parents paid to get them into a prestigious school. What will happen to the kids in college right now? Will they be kicked out? What will happen to those that have already graduated and received their degrees? Will their degrees be taken away? All that remains in the hand of the justice system. We want justice, and justice is now!