The Epidemic of Sex Trafficking

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The Epidemic of Sex Trafficking

Jordan Magee and Bianca Reyes

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   Recently in the Republic of Korea, a story emerged regarding famous Korean idol, Lee Seung-hyun, also known as Seungri. The story regards his involvement in an alleged sex trafficking and prostitution scandal. On March 11, he released a personal statement regarding the situation on his Instagram, in which he announced his retirement from the entertainment business and apologized to the public. Fascinatingly enough, he did not confirm any involvement in the scandal. Korean Netizens, however, find it interesting that he suddenly retired as soon as allegations grew too large, suggesting that he retired simply so his career as an idol does not fail.

   It has been revealed that more celebrities, and even politicians have been involved in such sex scandal. Korean news channel, SBS, informed the public that four other celebrities committed sexual crimes against females: Jung Joonyoung, Choi Jonghoon, Lee Jonghyun, and Yong Junhyung. Jung Joonyoung has been the only one so far who has confirmed his participation in his allegations; he filmed women having sexual intercourse with him without their consent.

   Scandals within the celebrity realm are not unknown in all aspects of the world, so this one doesn’t not necessarily come as a surprise. What’s interesting is that those with a platform of popularity like Seungri or Jung Joonyoung repeatedly abuse their power, when they could be using it for good deeds.

   Bianca highlights her viewpoint:

   In my honest and personal opinion, it is devastating that this scandal occurred. I am an avid Korean-Pop fan, and the fact that a internationally famous idol that so many people looked up to was involved in such a situation is upsetting. Korean idols are expected to be well mannered and good citizens, so the fact that he completely went against this is surprising. Not to mention, it is deeply depressing that he would ever take part in sex trafficking since it’s such a detrimental and disgusting business.

   After looking at the confirmed evidence and seeing what is the truth, I sincerely hope that those involved in the scandal succeed in getting the justice they deserve and that Seungri learns his lesson. He was extremely blessed to make it in a successful Korean pop group, and he blew his opportunity and platform by making the wrong decisions. He should reconsider his career and his platform as soon as possible, and rethink his decisions so that not only is he a suitable celebrity, but also a suitable citizen of South Korea in the future.

   In addition, the fact that so many South Korean federal employees and the police force are involved in this scandal is even more sick. It is completely disappointing, since they are the people who should be promoting justice and treating other people fairly and respectfully. It’s even more shocking to me that this just occurred, since South Korea makes itself out to be a very well-mannered and good-working society. Of course, this scandal doesn’t represent the nation as a whole, but it does taint it indefinitely.

   Jordan shares her viewpoint on the situation:

   Companies such as Yuri Holdings and nightclub called Burning Sun, all which are notorious for drug abuse, violence, and sexual abuse, have been linked to Seungri which is extremely disappointing. Like Bianca said, Korean idols are representatives of their country, especially now since Korean music and culture has become more internationally known. What’s even more disappointing is that Seungri is attempting to save his career by retiring. Own up to your mistakes and do not take the easy route.

   What’s more disappointing is that the police are covering up the crimes and the politicians were often the investors into the the sex clubs. These people are supposed to be the protectors of the law, yet they are breaking it themselves in the most horrible way. There needs to be jail time for all involved because this is extremely unacceptable.