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Student of the Week-David Renderos

Taylor Wilkinson, RHS News Reporter

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Second week back from a two week break, and your peers at Rodriguez High School are already hitting the books and trying their best. This week’s student of the week is David Renderos who was picked by one of our language teachers, Ms. Rauw! Rauw picked Renderos because of his kindness to everyone and his reputation for always bringing positive energy to the class. Not to mention, his hard work and persistence at trying his best even if the topic being discussed may be a little confusing or hard to understand.

As a freshman, everything is new and way different than middle school. But he has really enjoyed it so far. David claims, “High school is really cool, the teachers are nice, and I have met new people who are also really fun to hang out with!”

His high school classes consist of French One, Biology, Math One, Computer Arts, intensive english and lastly PE. However, his favorite is math because he loves the feeling of a completed answer and knowing you did it correctly. I think he speaks for all of us when he says that the best feeling comes from knowing you are successful. What helps him study for all those classes is music in the background. He prefers the band “Muse” to help him focus. He manages his time by always having a schedule or an agenda. That way, he always knows what needs to be done and when to do it.

In school, he is not involved in any sports or clubs but has become quite a musical prodigy outside of school. He recently started to learn piano and how to make music in general. He likes to make different melodies and beats which lead into what he wants to do when he gets older. Although he doesn’t have a set college in mind, he for sure has a set career in mind. He wants to be a music producer due to him being surrounded by it all his life and his many family members’ involvement in the profession. With his career based off of his passions, Renderos is sure to have a successful future.

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Student of the Week-David Renderos