From Keeper to Striker

Andrew Umipeg, RHS Sports Reporter

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Being a goalie is a very specialized task undertook on the soccer field.  Goalies are made to be tough, instinctual, and agile. They train their entire life for one task, and one task only: to prevent goals from being scored.  Normally, it’s a bad thing for them to allow goals to score and they hardly ever dribble for more than a couple of seconds at a time. It’s an even rarer sight to see them be the ones scoring for their team.  

Sebastian Alatorre, however, is one goalie that found himself in this strange position.  Sebastien, a senior, is in his 4th year as the starting Varsity goalie for Rodriguez. In their preseason match against Benicia, Sebastian started the game just like any other game, at goalie. He did well, not allowing Benicia to put any scores on the board. At halftime, though, Alatorre got the word that he’d be starting the next half at Striker.  

Not expecting much, but ready for some fun and a challenge, Alatorre gladly stepped into the role.  Within the first 10 minutes of the half, Alatorre had left a lasting impression on the game. He showed his natural instinct for the sport by scoring a goal with a header off of a cross from Dane Elder.  The entire stadium was shocked and the Mustangs’ bench shot up to cheer on and congratulate their teammate. As if one goal wasn’t enough, Alatorre soon followed up his header with a second goal off of a cross from Ian Pierce. The energy in the stadium was incredible and the Mustangs walked away with a 3-0 win to put their first win on the record for the season.  

Heading into the season, the Mustangs’ boys varsity soccer team looks very promising. They have a strong body of talent around the field and good leadership within the team, as well as from their coach.