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The Effects of Recent Back 2 Back Hurricanes

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   On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida, and it has engendered people across the globe to apprehend the effects of the storm. This natural disaster has sparked fear into many families’ lives regarding their property and well-being, and today, many are scrambling for help. People have been told to evacuate and it brings back memories of past hurricanes that have hit the nation. We, The Stampede, decided to interview teachers and students about their thoughts and see if they’ve ever been affected by one.

   Someone who had something to say was Sarah McLaughlin, an AP US History teacher at Rodriguez. She immediately commented on the subject, and even spoke about the Trump Administration and their faults, “These are our own citizens…who did not receive the support that they deserved. You know, he [President Trump] threw paper towels at them.” As she expressed her opinions, it led on to a conversation about the people involved as well as her own experiences. She states, “I know the most vulnerable populations include the elderly, kids, homeless. Those are the individuals that are going to suffer the first, and that’s always hard to see.”

   McLaughlin highlights the struggles that students affected by the hurricane’s destruction will have to go through. In addition, she adds on information about her family along the east coast, and says that her uncle’s property wasn’t “destroyed but was damaged pretty severely.” Therefore, she has experienced the damage and tolls hurricanes have caused to her family and others, and she feels extreme remorse for those affected. It highlights how she greatly fears the effects of Hurricane Michael, and how willing she is to provide any advice or aid. She knows how hard it is to rebuild and improve one’s life after a natural disaster, and she is also very involved in helping those in need. An example being her involved is how she is selling pins to raise funds for a student’s family who lost their home.

   That student being Siddhi Upadhyaya, a senior here at Rodriguez. She stated that she and her sister organized that campaign to help “raise money for people in Texas who lost their homes and could not get food or water because of that hurricane.” Siddhi feels so much sorrow for those who are affected by hurricanes, especially because those close to her heart have experienced such loss.

   She also directed her frustration towards the government and how they prepare states for natural disasters. Siddhi stated, “Corporations and states allow houses to be built in areas. They know if it rains too much, it will flood and people will lose their homes. They know this, but they allow construction anyway because they want to make money. That’s wrong.” Despite the government knowing the vulnerability of building in these areas, they ignore them due to greed. It’s really disappointing that the government would put money over people’s lives. Human lives are priceless.

   Many states in America have been severely affected by the hurricanes coming from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. It’s fear-inducing in the hearts of Americans across the nation as they and their loved ones can be traumatized. This administration and past administrations may not be doing enough to prepare citizens for the crises that will arise from these hurricanes. They also have not dealt with the aftermath as efficiently as they should’ve. We as citizens should be doing more to help those in need to make our society better.

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