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Student of the Week – Jaden Ghent

Taylor Wilkinson, RHS News Reporter

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C’est bon! In Ms. Rauw’s room, each week there is a new student of the week, and this week the student of the week in her fourth period class is Jaden Ghent, a sophomore here at Rodriguez High School. It is someone who does all their homework, actively participates in class, and simply radiates a positive vibe. When they are student of the week, they have the privilege of getting access to the fridge and allowed to use the microwave. He also gets a special seat and chair and get an extra point on the weekly quiz that Rauw gives. How exclusive.

Along with French Two, Jaden’s other classes are Biology, World Civ, Yearbook, Math Two and English Ten. His personal favorite is World Civ because he really likes the teacher and just enjoys history in general! He isn’t a part of any sports or clubs here at Rodriguez currently, but Jaden has some extracurriculars and hobbies that he does outside of school. He plays baseball and is also a sea cadet, which will prepare him for what he is going to do after high school: join the U.S. Navy.

Ghent says that high school is fun and he has some good classes, but he honestly feels that it is getting pretty old pretty quick.

Ms. Rauw obviously chose Jaden because he got all his homework done. Jaden uses his calendar app he has on his phone to log all the homework he needs to get done so he doesn’t forget about anything or lose anything. A tip he has for Rodriguez students is “definitely study a lot and try to never procrastinate!”

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Student of the Week – Jaden Ghent