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Student of the Week – Audrey Coffee

Taylor Wilkinson, RHS News Reporter

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Audrey Coffee – known for displaying responsibility and honor,  but most importantly, a survivor. Last year, Audrey was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and spent a lot of time in the hospital which meant missing a lot of school. And, because of the medicine she is on right now, she has to have a boot on and walk with crutches. But despite all that, Audrey has kept a positive attitude and maintained a very good work ethic. We can look at her as an example that we may have minor setbacks, but that should not stop us from staying positive.

Ms. Barrett really admires Audrey for what she has been through and how she has continued to act. Barrett says, “There are many outside factors that could make her negative. But she is still the get up and go type.” She also admires Audrey because she has a great sense of humor, and the two actually have a lot of fun together. Audrey goes to Ms. Barrett often and is not afraid to ask for help, not to mention always having her ID on. Ms. Barrett and  her other teachers have much respect for her due to what she has gone through recently and how she has not let that affected her and her school life.

On a more educational note, Audrey’s classes include Biology, English, Computer Arts, Math, World and Directed Studies, her favorite is Biology because science is her favorite subject. Her dream college is San Francisco State so she can be a Pediatric Nurse. Audrey is also part of 4H.

She completes all her homework by taking lots of notes and manages her time by going straight to homework after school just to get it done and then doing what she pleases for the rest of the night. So far she enjoys high school but it can sometimes be overwhelming with so many people, especially coming from a school that doesn’t have nearly as many students as high school has and continually missing school due to her illness.

Not everyone has the same will power as Audrey Coffee does. Not everyone keeps a positive attitude and a great sense of humor despite a health complication. Not a lot of people can overcome what she overcame.

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Student of the Week – Audrey Coffee