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Tennis Player Profiles

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Nicole Devries

Nicole is 5’7 and plays third singles. She likes the A’s, pizza, and the movie “Greece”!


Emily Hefner:

Emily is 5’6 and plays 4 singles. She likes the Giants, donuts, and the movie “Avengers”!


Jacki Laffey:

Jacki is 5’7 and plays 3 doubles. She likes the A’s, sandwiches, and Marvel!


Trina Lim:

Trina is 5’6 and plays doubles 2. She likes the USA Women’s tennis team, soup, and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved┬áBefore”!


Riley Mark:

Riley is 5’3 and plays singles #5. She likes the Warriors, salad, and the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”!


Megan Mckemie:

Megan is 5’6 and plays singles. She likes the 49ers, french fries, and the movie “The Last Song”!


Madison Metcho:

Madison is 5’6 and plays 3rd doubles. She likes the Giants, avocados, and the movie “Frozen”!


Adrianna Vree:

Adriana is 5’1 and plays Number one doubles. She likes the Raiders, Enchiladas, and the movie “The Conjuring”!


Mia Yee:

Mia is 5’2 and plays number one doubles. She likes the A’s, Top Ramen, and Marvel!


Ananya Yogi:

Ananya is 5’1 and plays doubles 2. She likes the Warriors, Mochi ice cream, and the movie “Extinction”!

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