Player Spotlight: Jackson Troutt

Andrew Umipeg, RHS Sports Reporter

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   Being a Captain of the Varsity football team is a lot of responsibility for anyone,  let alone for a first year Varsity player as a Junior who is also the starting Quarterback.  For Jackson Troutt, that’s the reality he faces.

   Troutt, in merely his first season as the starting Quarterback for Varsity, has led the team to their first winning record heading into the regular season at 3-2 in 8 years.  At the head of the offense, Troutt sets a precedent for the scoring drives and he’s doing a great job at handling the pressure. He knows there is a new level of intensity to meet and he’s thriving in his new environment.

   Part of Troutt’s success is due in part to the beefing up of the Offensive Line in the offseason.  A lot of hard work and practice has been put into keeping Troutt safe. The Offensive Line hasn’t given up a sack yet this year in drastic comparison to last year when the line held the highest total amount of sacks allowed. This is especially beneficial considering Troutt’s affinity for being a pocket passer, giving him ample time to read the Defense and choose his target.  

   The beginning of this new season was been rough with frequent interceptions.  When asked about it, he said, “It’s a lot to adjust to. The speed of the game is a lot quicker, but it’s only a matter of time before I get locked in.  We made a lot of mistakes, but looking towards the regular season, we just have to stay focused and limit the errors because they won’t lead to success.”  Spoken like a true leader, Troutt makes sure to self-analyze before criticizing the team as a whole. He has faith in his team to stay competitive, they just have to focus in games mentally and remain healthy through the season.