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Trusting the Process

Angelo Velarde

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Halfway into the season, this year’s badminton team seems to be struggling to emulate the achievements they’ve achieved from previous seasons.  With new coaches, new people on the ladder and multiple injuries, the season they expected is out of the question. Currently 3-9 into the season, the girls plan on taking their losses and turning them into wins at league. The mindset of this team is truly something they’ve learned to improve on. The captains, Haley Ricafort and Erin MIrran, always tell their team to not worry about the losses they have, because it is all about improvement. As long as the girls improve on their scores from the last time they played their opponents, that is already a win to them. The coaches and captains can all come to the conclusion that this season is for rebuilding and for the girls to focus on themselves. As close as the scores get, what is really important to the team is that they are proud of how they played. Using this season as practice, league is where they are going to bring their all and show the improvement they have been working towards.

“Badminton is not only about winning. What is important to me is about playing hard, doing my best and putting up a good show for the people watching” as said by Eleianna Delago, who focuses on rebuilding the core of the team. With nearly all the seniors that were in ladder last year gone, seniors this year like Eleianna must step up to motivate others in order to recover from the losing record. The season they planned to have is not what they got. However, their chance in winning league is still up for debate. Though it’s slim for the people in ladder, it shouldn’t stop these individuals in slowly working their way up in the ranks. After all…

it’s all about trusting the process.


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Trusting the Process