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Rodriguez Can Win a $75,000 Cash Prize – With Your Help

Kameron Lumanlan, RHS News Reporter

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You may be familiar with the brand Vans –  you may even wear their shoes everyday – but have you heard about the Vans Tennis Shoe Competition that your own Rodriguez High is participating in? This competition tests the creativity of art students in high schools across the nation, and it incorporates designing an original Vans shoe, showcasing #VansCustomCulture. Rodriguez submitted two customized shoes that were created by the work of multiple students. For the bridge designed shoes, Mya Diaz-Kiles painted the shoes, Keirra Beverley designed the inside of the shoe, while Wendy Sandoval painted the inside design, and Kritsada Suanjabok created the laces of this unique art piece. Keirra Beverley described the inside design as an “association with her love for California Poppies, her love for California, and her bond with her dad.” Wendy Sandoval for the most part followed the colors and overall design Keirra had in mind, but individually she thought that “the creation of this shoe involved a lot of teamwork and embodied everyone’s ideas and talents.” Kritsada included all the major cities of California onto the laces, looking to “represent the state he loves, and let his creativity flow.” The other shoe submitted by Rodriguez symbolized a sea themed sentiment created by Mira Bonifacio and Shreya Singh. Mira designed the inside and outside of the customized shoe, declaring her “love for doodling and love for abstract design, as seen by the intricate figures appearing in and around the piece. Shreya helped paint the slip ons, admitting the challenges they faced, “Painting proved difficult sometimes, as the shoes were not a flat surface, creating an obstacle making the ink smear and not appear as well on this surface.” Overall, these shoes represent the creativity and ambitions many students at this school embody. Rodriguez has made it through the first 2 rounds of voting to the top 10% in the nation and is moving on to the third round of voting “The Public Vote,” so be sure to vote online at because Rodriguez needs you! Top 5 Schools receive a $10,000 donation for their art department while the grand prize winner receives $75,000 donation for the art department and a school wide BBQ and concert put on by Vans on May 16, 2018; adding on, Each student that participated in the competition receives a gift card to Vans and Journey’s and 1 of the graduating seniors who participated will receive a $25,000 scholarship to the Laguna College of Art & Design. Voting opens Monday April 23, 2018 at 8 AM PST and ends Saturday May 5, 2018 at 5 PM PST, one vote per day per person. Support our school and let’s win this!


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Rodriguez Can Win a $75,000 Cash Prize – With Your Help