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Let’s Book A New Culture

Kameron Lumanlan, RHS News Reporter

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You may have seen that huge building plopped right down in the middle of campus. Yes, that is your RHS library! And yes, changes are coming its way. A new schedule has been implemented for the library, with hours being now from 7AM to 4PM. This is great news for students who need a warm, cozy place in the morning or a quiet, efficient environment to do work after school. So how did this schedule come about? There are two reasons: first, new school librarian Ms. Pratt states that the school staff clicks in at 7AM anyway, why not open at that particular time? She also adds that the morning library is one of the quietest times anyways. Secondly, she also points out that all other schools open at 7AM as well, so following suit wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Regarding how these changes came about, Pratt states, “I loathe seeing an empty library. That’s the culture I’m trying to change.” Pratt was a teacher for 15 years and a librarian for 11 years, but with her first year in the district she looks to really make an impact on the campus-life. Not only is Pratt on board for transforming the school culture, the whole library staff is ready to make change as well. In other news, the library has removed every computer out of library, but there remains five student computers and students can now print. Join Ms. Pratt and the rest of the library staff on being the change you wish to see on campus!

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Let’s Book A New Culture