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Badminton Preseason

Angelo Velarde

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“It’s bad baby, whoo!” This year, the badminton team is facing a season full of new experiences. With two new coaches and a new team, the players have no idea what to expect from this upcoming season. As their preseason starts, some varsity players can agree that there is a lot to get used to. With less seniors being on singles ladder, underclassmen are stepping up to the plate. With each class reigning under the singles ladder, there’s a lot to take in. However, these inexperienced players have no problem with taking charge and feeling the pressure. With extra practices and open gyms, the ladies singles ladder are making their way to a victory.

A singles game requires more mentality than anything. Team captains, Haley Ricafort and Erin Mirran always say, “Smartness over power.” Badminton is an extremely difficult sport, as it takes more thinking skills, more concentration and light footwork, it is a lot more challenging than most people would think- that’s why being a part of a doubles team is the trick. Working with a partner allows for players to understand the value of a team and shows the importance of teamwork. Just like singles ladder, many underclassmen have taken the right to be on doubles ladder, experiencing a lot more games and practice than usual. Doubles ladder requires the same amount of skill as singles, but instead, you have a partner to help you out and cover the court.

People on the badminton team can all come to a conclusion that doubles is a lot harder than singles because of the communication, the concentration and the pressure. The new coaches have made sure to implement their own knowledge to the team, preparing for the best and the worst. With their first game coming up, the team, all singles and all doubles, hopes to take what they know and put it on the court.

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Badminton Preseason