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Harnanak Khinda, RHS News Reporter

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Alright let’s just start this off with all the bad things about India since the list is so long. It’s literally a pile of crap here. Forbes ranked India as the most corrupt country in the world and I rank it as the dirtiest country based on my experience. The roads are all messed up, potholes have replaced roads is what some might say. There’s poverty everywhere. Begging is the most common job here. Let’s not even start with politics, because the whole world knows how the Indian government cannot take of their people. The education here is terrible and the worst part is that people pay for it as well. Most people have no respect for others and the people have a natural instinct to stare at you. This is probably because as lazy as they are, they have nothing better to do.

However, as a universal truth, I hope we can agree that there’s always 2 types of people, the good and the bad. The majority of the people here being the bad ones: the ones with no morals, jobs, or manners are what people think India is. People mostly think about all the bad things I previously stated as to India’s true colors. I agree that the majority is bad, but the minority, let me tell you, that is where it’s at. We can learn something from them. The minority people of India, the good ones, are loving and caring individuals, far better individuals than those in America in terms of being genuinely nice. Although I didn’t come to India to criticize the people and point out all the flaws, that’s what stuck out the most until I realized the bigger picture. This trip was meant to let my family have fun and relax and that’s exactly what I planned to do. However, this trip has taught me to be a genuinely kind person and realize right from wrong by watching how everyone sticks together through adversity. I’ve seen people yell at each other and fight and steal and that’s what I thought India was, but what my eyes failed to see at first was to think about the positive things. I learned that we fail to think about the positive things and are quick to jump at the negatives and complain. The people here might live in a pile of crap but man, they really represent that pile of crap and make the best out of it. That quality is no excuse to have a messed up country, but I love the fact that I realized if you stick together and stay positive, you’re gonna do alright. I left out the details and focused on ideas here because that’s what I believe we should focus on. Now I address this to the people of Rodriguez – let’s all be kind individuals, treat our fellow Mustangs with respect, and stay positive. Change can start with just being a good person.



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