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Traveling to the Philippines

Kameron Lumanlan, RHS Sports Reporter

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My journey to the Philippines was quite an experience and a memorable one as well as I couldn’t remember my last trip there. In total, 5 flights were taken, including there and back with multiple stops and visits to different countries and islands. Most of the vacation was spent in the heart of the country  with cities including Cavite, Manila, Tagaytay, and Kawit. Within these cities were activities such as shopping, landmark visiting, horseback riding and much more. Hotels and relatives´ houses were our sleeping quarters for the entire trip, and in all honestly we enjoyed hotels much better. Most of my relatives’ houses lacked AC and hot water, things some might take for granted in America.

Adding on, my family and I were also able to fly to the island of Coron, where we endured two excursions: one land and one ocean. On the land one we experienced the rich history of the island while also visiting the landmarks. On the ocean we visited an array of different destinations within water’s boundary, including coral reefs, beaches, and animal life. After Coron, we traveled back to the main island, where we ended our trip with the shopping spree of a lifetime. One shopping center was Greenhills, which was a marketplace filled with an abundance of distinct stands that included the action of haggling the price and the seller.


This was quite an experience, as haggling was truly an art- trying to lower the price of an item is harder than yo


u think. One thing to add is the presence of our drivers that operated our 24/7 tour buses that took us anywhere, anytime. Our drivers, Eric and Romel, were natives of the country and by the end they were our new friends. Overall, this trip was a life experience that you don’t see everyday. The people, the nightlife, the traditions, all of it was amazing to see and amazing to live through. This was certainly a trip to never forget.


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Traveling to the Philippines