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Cocoa and Cram
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Avane Ervin, RHS News Reporter

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It’s the time of the year when students find themselves at an all-time high stress level. Studying for tests as well as trying to get borderline grades up makes students anxious to be done with the semester. Well, luckily at Angelo Rodriguez High, students are very much ready and prepared to take on any final or study guide given to them thanks to Cocoa and Cram. Cocoa and Cram is Rodriguez’s way of giving the students a place to study with their peers and get extra help from teachers while also enjoying hot chocolate.

 On Monday, December 18th, students swarmed the library after school to get some last minute studying in. Senior Lauren Lee studying alongside Senior Kaielle Gosologa says, “I haven’t studied since my junior year finals, it feels weird, but the coco is making it better.” While there were students who clearly came for the coco only, there were students who literally had their noses in the books. Junior Audrey Murphy tells us, “For some reason, my teachers decide that a five page study guide would be best for the class along with five other study guides our other teachers have given… this is just great!” Well Audrey, we wish you the best on your finals! Sophomore Gabby Tagle explains,  “I told my coach I would be late for cheer practice just so I could study a bit more before the finals, I need to keep my GPA afloat.. But if we’re being honest, I really wanted some hot chocolate, too.”

   Each year, students give around the same responses that Cocoa and Cram allows for them to feel at ease before their finals and that they wish these type of things would happen more throughout the year, rather than just before a big test. Many would like to thank Angelo Rodriguez library staff for organizing such a helpful event for their students.

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