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YNG BLENDZ – 2 RHS students making a business out of their hobby

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YngBlendz is a local business brought to you by Saif Suddozai and Francisco Pacheco. As barbers they bless your head – from fades, to tapers, to line ups –  but as people they’re two remarkable individuals that are having fun with their hobby and talent as they incorporate it into a business. Their place of business is usually in their garage, where they not only cut your hair, but give you an experience. You come into the garage ready for a haircut but you leave the garage as an individual that feels good. This garage is where the magic happens and lives are changed.

Whether it’s to get a good haircut, a memorable moment, or just to support local teenagers, you should support this business. Both Saif and Francisco are growing as barbers and individuals as they provide great service to your hair and to you as a person with their extraordinary talent. Once you sit in the chair of Saif Suddozai, you enter a different universe. The way that he cuts your hair, the way that he uses your hair as a canvas of his artistic talent, the way that he moves with the clippers are all unexplainable but beautiful behaviors. Some might say these barbers were sent from a special place to help those in need and for those that appreciate good service.

Francisco Pacheco’s chair is also a unique experience. Sitting on his chair, ready for his clippers to work magic on you, that’s a feeling like none other. He moves with such fluidity and has fun with his customers. In fact, he treats them as friends, not just clients. This is an experience that should be appreciated and utilized by the people of Angelo Rodriguez High School, so please come support your local business, Mustangs!


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YNG BLENDZ – 2 RHS students making a business out of their hobby