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Movements on Campus: Body Positivity

Aman Bajwa and Moriah Costa, World/US News Editor and World/US News Assistant Editor

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Body positivity (AKA the BoPo movement) has recently taken over the news. From plus size models such as Ashley Graham on the cover of Vogue to the new trend of “Instagram models”, the push for the representation of all kinds of bodies is becoming more and more common. But is size acceptance the only thing that is important, or is proper representation lacking across the board? Body Positivity is a movement that includes all underrepresented types of people. This powerful movement that is taking over the world is also found here at Rodriguez High School in the students and teachers.

Eva Waller, a senior at RHS, spoke out about her views on the BoPo movement, and what it meant to her. A big part of the movement includes having the confidence and freedom to wear what you want, when you want. Eva is very outspoken about how body positivity has given her the confidence to feel beautiful in her body and in the clothes she chooses to wear. “I can wear whatever I want, because you can too” was her answer to the negativity and criticism she has found at school regarding her choice to not hide her body shape and wear clothes that she feels enhance her best features. Public opinion was once something that bothered her, but now she has become confident enough in herself that she feels that anyone can wear anything no matter their size. Everyone has the right to feel beautiful in what they wear.  

However, when people tell her that they “admire her confidence” for wearing a certain type of clothing, she does not necessarily take that as a compliment. She feels that “it shouldn’t take courage to wear what you like.” Her self-love journey is one that has had both high and low points. Although she struggled with eating disorders “all her life” and sometimes feels especially targeted by the dress code, she loves herself more than ever now. Although improvements have been made in the media, such as there being greater portrayal of larger beautiful women, Eva still feels as though, at this point in her life, there “is no one else she’d rather be than herself”.

She truly feels as though happiness is not necessarily related to having a ‘perfect body’. Her advice to anyone else who wants to become more body positive is that it is a “slow” process. You don’t have to wake up in the morning and just start loving every part of yourself. It starts with just looking in the mirror and not hating what you see, and truly making the effort to “embody who you are”. The word “Fat” has been used to bully her in the past, but through body positivity she remarked that she is “big, bodacious, and beautiful”.

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Movements on Campus: Body Positivity